Want to play this classic sax line from the Dire Straits hit but find the key hard? This is for you!

I remember when I first heard this sax line…

It was 1986. The album “Brothers in Arms” had just come out and everywhere on the radio was this AMAZING sax line.

Back then I didn’t even know that it was Michael Brecker, who had recorded it, a player that would shape my whole approach to playing saxophone.

I just new it sounded super cool, and I HAD to know how to play it right away!

The other big news that year was that Dire Straits were actually coming to my home town to play as part of their world tour.

And that was one of the biggest things that had ever happened in my tiny home town in the north of Australia (at least to me as a teenager!)

The problem with learning this solo on saxophone

The original key for “Your Latest Trick” is awkward. Michael Brecker recorded the solo on tenor sax in D# minor, which is Bb minor for alto (5 flats).

Not easy, particularly for beginner players.

So for Sax School this week, I’ve created a new lesson where you can learn this classic sax line, in an EASY key.

For this lesson, I’ve transposed the sax line to the key of Bminor (2 sharps) for alto sax.

Much friendlier!

This is a great way to get familiar with the SHAPE of this line, and prepare yourself to learn it in the original key eventually (and there is a lesson for this in Sax School too!)

Inside the Sax School lesson

As a Sax School Member you will learn this entire line in easy steps as I walk you through how to play it visually.

Plus, you’ll get a practice track AND a worksheet so you have everything you need to start learning and practicing this solo right away.

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