Chris Ng is Sax School Student of the Week playing Kenny G's Eternal Light

Do you dream of playing the music you love, on saxophone?

For Chris, learning saxophone is about playing beautiful melodies. “I enjoy playing the saxophone music that I grew up with, tunes such as ‘Crazy,‘, ‘My Favourite Things‘, ‘Pachelbel’s Canon‘, and ‘Swan Lake,”’ he says. “I love to play music that has a nice melody, and preferably no need for improvisation!” he explains.

I enjoy playing the music that I grew up with

Saxophone Music

Chris started playing the sax three years ago, after a lifelong love of the sax. “ I’ve always liked saxophone music and the way it looks, ever since I was a kid,” says Chris. “ Growing up, I enjoyed listening to Kenny G –  and Lisa Simpson!”

A year and a half ago, Chris began to get serious with his sax practice, and then discovered Sax  School. “I actually chanced upon Nigel’s videos on YouTube“, explains Chris, “and after watching a few of them, I really liked his sound and way of teaching so decided to sign up”. 

I really liked Nigel’s sound and way of teaching

Musical Challenges

Despite his love of melody, Chris says he’s not particularly musical. “I have no musicality in me,” he says,  “so I’ve always found it an issue playing by ear, playing to time and improvising.”

However, Chris is not letting these challenges beat him. “I’ve been playing with the metronome to get a better sense of timing and rhythm,” he says “and I want to continue to work on my tone.” 

Kenny G

Chris is putting his new skills to good use, playing the music he has always enjoyed so much. “I’ve bought a Kenny G score book – so that should be enough to annoy the family and neighbours with!” he jokes.

Chris has also got a budding duet partner in his daughter, who started learning alto sax 6 months ago. We can’t wait to see the family’s music performances in the Sax School Facebook Community.

Chris wowed us with his performance of the lovely melody “Eternal Light” for our November Challenge – so we made him our Student of the Week!

Want to learn saxophone like Chris?

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