UK saxophone legend Tim Garland named this album as one of his all time favourites. We love it too! Here’s why:


Classic Album

ARTIST: Chick Corea

ALBUM: Three Quartets

RELEASED: Stretch Records 1981



PIANO: Chick Corea

SAXOPHONE: Michael Brecker

BASS: Eddie Gomez

DRUMS: Steve Gadd


Why you should check this out

Just hearing Michael Brecker at arguably his peak is reason enough to listen to this amazing recording, but the interaction between the four musicians here is truly inspiring. This is a challenging listen for those new to jazz, but check out the energy and creativity that just flows throughout.


This album is an inspiration to all improvising musicians.




I’ll never forget when I first heard this album. It came out in 1981. It has Michael Brecker on saxophone. It’s at a time when you can still hear how excited Brecker is about himself! He’s still quite a young guy and he knows he’s s#*t hot!


Everyone is taking the bull by the horns – I know they were because I’ve spoken to Chick so many times about it. I’ve played some of the stuff with him too. The music was challenging; this is something I strive for myself – that no matter how challenging the music is, it launches you and propels you further. So that’s the opposite of it being a restriction. It actually lifts and illuminates what you can do even more.


This album is a fantastic example of what I would like to achieve.





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