Ever wondered what it takes to be successful as a jazz saxophonist in 2019?

Brand new in Sax School this month is a session I filmed with young up and coming jazz saxophone star Mike Casey.

Mike is a great player and already having a bunch of success with over 2million streams of his tracks.

In this session I talk with Mike about how he approaches playing, practicing and writing for saxophone. you’ll be surprised by some of his answers too!

I was particularly interested in his very successful remix projects where Mike is taking jazz saxophone in a new direction. Very cool.

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Nigel McGill

After 25 years touring, performing all over the world, I setup Sax School to share what I have learned. Today thousands of players in more than 70 countries use the huge library of online saxophone lessons in Sax School. Find out how it can help you too! www.mcgillmusic.com
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