Each month in Sax School we answer questions from our members on tone, technique and basically everything else “sax” related! We love these sessions because we can give our amazing community direct answers to their questions and help them learn faster!

In the August Q&A Session:

This month we covered a whole range of saxophone topics including:

Sarah shares her story about saxophone hygiene (Read the article we wrote about this here)

✪ Steve asks about saxophone neckstraps (read our Sax Holder review here)

✪ Christin asks for help changing from Aerophone to Alto.

✪ Annette gets tips on how to overcome a lack of progress 

✪ Holly asks how to stop a “spitty” sound on her saxophone

✪ Danilo gets help with his octave mechanism

✪ Paul asks “why do we have flats in music?”

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