alto vs tenor which saxophone is best to learn

You’ve decided to start learning saxophone – great! But which one should you choose?

Alto sax, tenor sax, even soprano and baritone – confusing, isn’t it?

In this video I share my top tips on choosing the best saxophone for you – and how to get started with your sax so you’ll make fast progress.

What’s the Difference?

All saxophones have the same finger system, and the same mouthpiece system – the main difference is size. But that can be super-important when it comes to how easy they are to play.

Soprano sax -is the baby of the family. It has a higher sound because it’s smaller. But, while it looks easy to handle, it’s also really tricky to play!

Baritone sax is the big daddy! It sounds super-cool (think Lisa Simpson or Leo P) but it’s also heavy and needs a lot of air. -not great for a beginner.

Alto sax is a great choice when you’re starting out. It’s compact and easy to handle, so perfect for younger players.

Tenor sax is bigger than alto but another really popular choice for a beginner player.

And don’t forget – once you’ve got your skills together you can expand your sax collection!

Tips for getting started

Buy the best sax you can afford, and get advice from your local music store.

Second-hand can be a great option, especially if it’s been well maintained.

Get great learning resources and support to develop your skills. Check out my FREE lesson bundle Ultimate Saxophone Toolkit.

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