The Warm-Up is so important for your saxophone tone

Although it is probably the least “sexy” part of your saxophone practice, the Warm-Up is so important if you want to improve your saxophone tone.

But, to get the most benefit from your warm-up, you need to do it the right way.

The week in Sax School I’ve created a new lesson for members where I share one of my favourite exercises that is guaranteed to boost your sax tone in just a few minutes.

The Power Fifths Warm-Up for Saxophone

This warm-up gives you time to focus on your tone, PLUS fine tune your intonation. In fact the warm-up is also organised with long phrases which gives you a chance to focus on your breathing too. So it’s a “triple punch” of benefits to your playing!

Working on intervals of a Fifth is significant because it’s a great way to train your ear for intonation or tuning.

The Fifth is a really common interval in music because it is so strong harmonically. Practicing fifths while focussing on your tuning really locks in your internal “tuning awareness” and this will boost your overall tunefulness.

What is included with this warmup exercise for saxophone?

The great thing about this warm-up is that you can play along with the video lesson and complete the exercise in just a few minutes. That way you can use it everyday in your practice.

Included with the warm-up are separate lessons for alto and tenor sax (which can also be used for soprano and baritone saxes too!), PLUS a worksheet and backing practice track which you can download.

Basically, everything so you can get started on improving your saxophone tone today!

Ready to start this Warm-Up?

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Not a member yet but want this warm-up?

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Also, as a member you can explore our “Learning Pathways” which help you make much faster progress wether you are a new beginner, looking to get back into playing or are ready to upgrade your skills with improvising, altissimo and more!

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Nigel McGill

After 25 years touring, performing all over the world, I setup Sax School to share what I have learned. Today thousands of players in more than 70 countries use the huge library of online saxophone lessons in Sax School. Find out how it can help you too!

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