Learn the Blues

and Improvising on sax fast


Blues Mastery for Saxophone

10+ hours of tuition

50 video lessons

4 Modules

Backing tracks and worksheets

Unlimited access

Get expert advice on how to make MASSIVE PROGRESS with your practice.


The Ultimate Guide to

Practicing Saxophone



• practice exercises

• major scale reference

• practice guide


"Your book is so logical and well explained - it's done my playing a power of good! Thanks again for a brilliant, brilliant book!"



Available as PDF Download

29 pages



Nigel McGill's SaxTracks




"The best practice recorder app for saxophone"


•  Record your practice to track your progress

•  Import  backing tracks from your iTunes library

•  Share your recordings easily from your iPhone



Nigel McGill's SaxBeats


"A metronome on steroids!"


Choose a drum feel

Dial in your tempo

Start practising better!



Nigel McGill's SaxNotes

"See the fingering, hear the note"


SaxNotes is a fingering chart app for the Saxophone. This app provides all the features of a normal fingering chart, but also plays the note in alto or tenor and displays the finger position with the music notation.



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