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"Hi Nigel, I just joined Sax School and my compliments. The lessons, pdf and backing tracks (where available) give an amazing value for money, but most of all as a trainer myself (public speaking) I wanted to convey my compliments on your pedagogical style. It is a pleasure to get a lesson from you even if you don’t have a clue who I am ;-)."

Ruben Brunsveld

Director Stockholm Institute for Public Speaking



"I am really enjoying what you are doing with the school and as a professional educator I can tell you that your teaching style is first rate. I have watched many DVDs and You Tube videos of talented players who can't really explain the techniques or the theory--so it often becomes a recital for them but little is gained by the student.


You have a natural gift of teaching coupled with a real musical talent, and that is rare. Anyway, we will get this tuition problem sorted out and I look forward to a long and lasting relationship and friendship."

Bob Hartmann McNamara, Ph.D.

Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College, USA



"Hi Nigel,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the lessons and how great they are. I always wanted to learn to play the saxophone, as it' such a cool instrument, but was never able to. Two years ago someone gave me their saxophone and then at the  secondary school I work at they asked staff to learn a new instrument to get pupils inspired. I did and started learning the basics as well as tunes and even performed with my colleagues.


I've subscribed to your lessons, have made great improvement. The tunes you choose as well as the exercises you give are great. Also the family enjoy listening to me play rather than the sound of a foghorn at the beginning of my practice. I think that you are an inspirational teacher and the lessons are brilliantly explained and structured.

Thank you so much."

Annemarieke Kroon



"I think you are the best site for learning and improving on saxophone."




Yusuf Burak Topuz

Istanbul, Turkey

"Thank you so  much for having this site!

The weeks before my new love arrived(my saxophone) I've searched the internet and youtube like mad.

I found A LOT of info about the saxophone but every time your video came up, it was just so much better then the others.

By this I just like to say that your lessons are just working very well and are helping a lot of music lovers!"

Martin Castillo




"I've started to play for the first time aged 59 and tried a couple of teachers. one was really good but lived 180 miles away. The other was a school teacher and therefore not really on my wave length. Became member of sax school and in addition to that tried a skype lesson with Nigel. Bingo! Now I can learn what and when I like, at my own speed, having a skype lesson now and again when I get stuck or want to progress generally. So that way it stays fun and rewarding!

Susanne Pearce




" Although I'm a beginner and still struggling with the sounds and numbers of buttons on my sax, I am enjoying my practice tremendously, and much of that is down to your Sax School site."

Many Thanks"

Bob Insley




"Hi Nigel

Gordon here from Rainbow Beach Queesland Australia!  Thanks again for your sax lesson on reeds.  As normal - a great lesson.  I was having problems with my alto reed and did what you said in your saxophone lesson.  Fixed the reed in 5 minutes!  That reed has been doing that for three months and would have been replaced but thanks to you it's playing like a new one.  I just used a bit of wet and dry paper and plain paper as you explained and it worked a treat.


Although I first tried to learn sax 50 years ago, it's thanks to your great site that I am playing by music and not by ear."

Gordon Eckel

Rainbow Beach Australia



"I just wanted to say hi Nigel. I'm a Massive Dire Straits fan and have always wanted to learn to play the Sax because of my all time favourite song your latest trick. I picked up a second hand Jupiter Alto yesterday for the first time and thanks to your site am playing the C Major Scale already.  I look forward to learning more through your very helpful videos and am looking forward to the day I can play that iconic piece and much more more

Thankyou Nigel."

Owen Blades



"I'm Rio from Indonesia. I've been making a lot of progress with my practice using your  video lessons.  Thank you so much for sharing them. They are so helpful!  God bless you"

Rio Lonard




"My nephew loves the gift subscription, thanks so much for creating the online sax school and sharing your talents."

 Michele Clephane




"Hi Nigel: Thank you so much. I Just wondered if it was a trial membership I had signed up for or something because it is so incredibly priced!  I love the saxophone lessons and the whole site.  You are such a brilliant teacher with a real 'watchable' style. I am a music tech lecturer at Kendal College (I have been a sound engineer for 30 years and want something for myself now, hence the sax).  Thanks for the inspiration!"

Paul Satterthwaite

Kendal UK



"Great site. You have given me renewed confidence after taking up the sax again."

Jesse Lawrence



"Where would we be without our Sax School? You’ve really inspired me to get back to playing which has always been a great passion of mine and I feel far more confident and am enjoying playing a lot more than I ever have thanks to your Saxschool website!"

Jamie Snow, Australia



"I'm so glad and thank you because Phil is really fond of you and is progressing very well because of you.  Thanks a lot, you are a wonderful artist and an exceptional teacher."

Micheline Gerard








"Hi Nigel

I'm a Member on Sax School now and just brushing up my In the Mood with your lesson as soon as I've logged in.  It's so lonely out here with no access to any teacher who is on the same wavelength as me, so I'm thrilled to have found you. This week In the Mood, next week Lily was Here (I'm playing this on tenor but the lesson still looks great). The week after, I'll be choosing one of the many others on the list that I'm dying to do. I've met a guitarist who wants us to do Lily Was here together, so I can't wait to get started on that.


Jenny Mather




"Hi Nigel, I tried to play the tennor many years ago but got a really old fashioned type of tutor so I did'nt get on very well, not many computers in those days! Now I have bought an alto students sax and I am really enjoying it, I am so pleased that the net is here and I can get some good advice from someone like Nigel.  I look forward to learning!"

Graham Quarmby

Shetland Islands, UK



"Thanks for the clearest and most comprehensive lessons I have used."

Dave Gray

Noosa, Australia



"Thank you Nigel!

I'm new in sax world, I've been practicing for around 2 months with Hal Leonard's - "Play alto sax today" guide. My practice hours are heavily dependent on my work load so engaging a sax teacher was not a choice. Therefore, I was searching for an ultimate sax course on the Internet that starts with a basic sax holding technique, everyday recommended practice routine and gradually extends to more advanced elements. It's great I found your website, it's awesome! I quickly looked through some video lessons yesterday and I really liked your way of teaching.


Thank you very much for so much effort you invested into this great resource!"

Vitali Alvazov

Czech Republic



"Hi Nigel,

 Just wanted to say thanks for all of the lessons you do, GREAT !!

When i saw that the latest lesson is "will you ".....That is the song that made me want to learn the sax so many years ago, and now i have only been playing for 1year and it still gives me a tingle down my spine!

Thanks again for all you do."

Steve Wood



"Hello Nigel,

I have been a member now for just over a month and wanted to let you know that I am super impressed with your lessons.  I am a beginner and appreciate the variety of information and lessons that you offer on your site.  Great job!


Keep up the great work, it does not go unnoticed !"

Shan Teixeira

Lewiston Maine  US




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