Buying a Saxophone for Christmas



There are fewer gifts that are more exciting than a shiny new saxophone!


But, is a saxophone the right choice for you.  Traditionally saxophones have been expensive and beyond the scope of many people just wanting to “try it on for size”. These days however with most instruments made in China or Taiwan, there are some very good quality instruments available at very reasonable prices. A good example is the J&S range of saxophones that are within most peoples budgets but give you the quality tools to let you get started making music as quickly and easily as possible.

Compared to many instruments saxophone is a reasonably easy instrument to learn.  You can quite quickly, with proper guidance, get a sound out of a sax and with a bit of practice will be able to make some music in no time. As with many things, “Little and Often” is the best advice regarding practice.  If you can spare 5-10 minutes three or four times  a week you will soon be able to make some good music.

A decent saxophone will provide many years of service if properly maintained.  If you do buy a saxophone for your child and they don’t decide it’s right for them, it will keep for other children, or yourself when you get the time to make a start.


There is an endless range of tutorial videos online these days.  A quick search of youtube will return hundreds of sax lessons and sites like have a range of quality tutorial videos and lesson sheets for free to help you get started as a beginner saxophone player.    It is always recommended though to find a good local teacher to help you.  Your local music shop will have names and may be able to recommend a teacher for you in your area.

So you’ve made you mind up to get a sax as a gift but where to get one from?  Although high street music chains can be convenient you are generally likely to pay more for the same quality as an online retailer.  Companies like offer a 7 day no quibble money back scheme and a 12 month warranty on all saxes. Most importantly though you can call and speak to an expert to get advice before buying.

Remember you are never too old to start on your musical journey so take the plunge and get going on your sax!


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