The 1 Chord Improv Workout for Saxophone

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 


If you want to learn how to improvise on saxophone or just want to improve your skills and play better solos on sax, then this quick online lesson will really help.


This simple exercise is a great way to improve your creativity and melody making skills, plus you can be working on your tone and rhythm too!





Download the free backing track for this lesson plus the worksheet here:   


1 Chord Improv Warmup - Alto Sax 1 Chord Improv Warmup - Alto Sax (40 KB)

1 Chord Improv Warmup - Tenor Sax 1 Chord Improv Warmup - Tenor Sax (40 KB)

1 Chord Improv Warmup - backing track 1 Chord Improv Warmup - backing track (2906 KB)




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