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Learn how to play pentatonic scales on saxophone. This course is perfect for learning how to improvise on saxophone.

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Pentatonics are the best way to master improvising quickly.

Learn how to play ska saxophone in this online video lesson course.

Master "Ska" on your saxophone


Love "The Beat" and "Madness"? Learn how to get that sound on your sax in this course.

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Learn 2 classic tunes, plus get style tips and improvisng tactics in this step by step course.

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Online saxophone lessons to learn the blues on sax.  Learn how to play like King Curtis, Hank Crawford or Sil Austin in this step by step course


Start improvising fast with this structured course that shows you how in easy steps.


Learn great blues tunes that will boost your technique and harmonic knowledge.


Develop great skills you can use to improvise on any other blues OR jazz tune.


Step-by-step course to help you learn fast, whatever your ability.



Blues Mastery is the best course you can take to finally make great progress with improvising on sax



Learn how to play in a horn section on saxophone with this course of online saxophone lessons


Improve your rhythm while learning classic horn section grooves like those from James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire and Tower of Power.


Learn 5 essential horn section styles that every sax player needs to know.


Develop your skills including tuning and time keeping that you need to really master horn section playing.


Learn 5 great tunes complete with tracks and full horn arrangements you can perform yourself.


Horn Section Workout helps you master the essential skills you need plus is LOADS of fun!



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Sax School Student Reviews:

Mindy Weaver



Mindy started from scratch with Sax School and is now a regular performer with bands in her area. Watch Mindy tell her story in this short video.

Gerry Smith



Gerry talks about his first inspiration to learn sax, and how Sax School helped him learn.

Richard Stubley



Richard started using Sax School about a year ago and began learning after his daughter took up sax at school.

Susanne Pearce



Although Susanne had no teacher nearby when she started learning Sax, with the help of Sax School she learned quickly and now plays in 2 community bands!

Stephen Power



Stephen uses Sax School to learn while living remotely on Valentia Island, Ireland!

Martin Sweeny



Martin shares his story of learning with Sax School over the past 4 years.

"I've improved faster than with any other method I have tried!


Your system of teaching is perfect for my learning style. I can't thank you enough for making Sax School."

Deano Worsley


Ruben reviews the Sax School online saxophone lessons for beginners"The lessons, pdf and backing tracks  give an amazing value for money.


As a trainer myself (public speaking) I wanted to convey my compliments on your pedagogical style. It is a pleasure to get a lesson from you even if you don’t have a clue who I am ;-)."

Ruben Brunsveld

Director Stockholm Institute for Public Speaking

Annemarieke reviews the range of online sax lessons for beginners at Sax School"You are an inspirational teacher and the lessons are brilliantly explained and structured.


I always wanted to learn to play the saxophone, as it's such a cool instrument, but was never able to.  With your online lessons I have made great improvement. The tunes you choose as well as the exercises you give are great.

Thank you so much."

Annemarieke Kroon


Review of Sax School online lessons by Gordon Eckel"It's thanks to your great site that I am playing by music, and not by ear.


Although I first tried to learn sax 50 years ago, without you and Sax School I would never have been able to play alto and tenor like I can now! Keep up the great teaching mate!"

Gordon Eckel

Rainbow Beach Australia

Bob reviews the online saxophone lessons inside Sax School

"As a professional educator, I can tell you that your teaching style is first rate.


I am really enjoying what you are doing with the school. I have watched many DVDs and You Tube videos of talented players who can't really explain the techniques or the theory - so it often becomes a recital for them but little is gained by the student.


You have a natural gift of teaching coupled with a real musical talent, and that is rare. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship and friendship."

Bob Hartmann McNamara, Ph.D.

Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College, USA

Review of Sax School online lessons for beginners and advanced players by Alison Clark"Without your online saxophone lessons, sheet music & backing tracks, I wouldn’t have been able to set myself up as a solo artist.


A huge thanks for all your help via Sax School – Still a long way to go but I’m now out gigging, both with my 6-pce 80’s party band (playing the solos in Spandau Ballet, ABC etc) but also on my own in residential care homes - and, without sounding big-headed in any way, the “oldies” are loving the tracks I’ve learnt from your website, like Bye Bye Blackbird & Fly Me To The Moon!


My ultimate goal is to get good enough to start putting myself out there for function work...thanks again!

Alison Clark


Sax School student Duane reviews the online saxophone lessons at Sax School"I have advanced more in the past year than in the previous 8 combined!


I thought I was to old to learn much, but I have been playing regularly at my church, at weddings, county fairs and anywhere else someone will allow - it has been great!


Thanks for everything, but thanks mostly for the confidence!"

Duane Gettis

Buffalo, New York. USA

"I've spent 25 years working in every part of the music business - let me share my knowledge with you"

Nigel McGill

Sax School founder

Big Bands,  Orchestras,

TV Sessions, Festivals,

Musical Directing...


I've been very fortunate to have worked in just about every aspect of the music business over the last 25 years.


You may have heard my saxophone playing on shows like "24" and "Bones". For more than a decade I've run the big band for one of the most popular shows in Europe - "Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas". I've also conducted tours across Europe and performed with Symphony Orchestras.


As a jazz musician I've performed thousands of shows in clubs, theatres, and festivals across Europe, Japan and Canada.


Over all this time I've learned a lot about playing saxophone, but also about teaching saxophone.


Let me share my knowledge with you!


Nigel McGill


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Our split screen technology means you can learn tunes and skills visually.  Even if you don't read music you will love our lessons.  (We have lessons to help build your music reading skills too!)

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Each category of lessons is organised with our easy grading system so you can quickly find what you want to learn:



Start here for lessons that will get you playing fast, and having fun!



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If you've been playing for a while or are ready for a real challenge, these are for you.



SAX SCHOOL is an amazing library of easy to follow saxophone lessons that will really get your playing supercharged!


The lessons cover all aspects of saxophone playing from getting started to improvising and playing some classic songs and solos. Many of the online saxophone lessons come with music and worksheets, and you will find separate lessons for alto sax and tenor sax.


Whether you are a beginner saxophone player or want to brush up your skills, you'll find something to challenge and inspire you.


I'm adding new sax lessons to the online lesson library every week, so check out SAX SCHOOL and get your playing off to a great start!


Nigel McGill - founder of Sax School online saxophone lessons